Coffee & Cafe

Smith Coffee & Cafe is in the historic Smith Douglas More House in Eden Prairie, MN

The Hunt for Sheldon’s Wrench Returns March 3

$200 Gift card Prize

The hunt for Sheldon’s Wrench is a city wide treasure hunt for the fabled wrench that belonged to Sheldon Smith who built the historic Smith-Douglas-More House in which Smith Coffee & Cafe now operates. The wrench will be hidden in a park in Eden Prairie. To help hunters locate the wrench, Smith Coffee will release a clue each day in the the cafe at 4:00PM. Hunters will look for hidden meanings in the clues to help set them on the path to treasure. The person or people that find the wrench will be awarded a $200 Smith Coffee Gift Card. The hunt will abide by the City of Eden Prairie’s geocaching rules and policies which can be read here. Please be respectful of public and private property.

The Lore

1877 that was the year

when Sheldon Smith settled down here

Equipped with the tools he held in his hands

he constructed his home in which Smith Coffee now stands

His craft was true and tools were trusty

his wrenched was prized albeit rusty

He reached for it once to tighten a bolt down

he realized he lost it while traveling through town

He and his family searched high and low

Mary and Amie wondered “where did it go?”

2019 Shel has lost it once more

and now it is time to continue the lore!