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Smith Coffee & Cafe is in the historic Smith Douglas More House in Eden Prairie, MN

Barsaunet Blend


Barsaunet Blend


Our flagship blend. This is our mainstay espresso at our Eden Prairie cafe, but it makes a great brewed cup too!

This blend features a natural Ethiopian coffee from the Yirgacheffe region. Ethiopian is the birth place of the coffee plant and coffees from there are known for their unique and exciting flavors. Some are processed naturally which means that the coffee cherry pulp is left on the bean to dry, rather than being washed away prior to drying. This process imparts a distinct ripe berry flavor.

This blend rounds out the intense berry flavor with a rich chocolatey Guatemala coffee from the San Marcos region.

75% Guatemala San Marcos

25% Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe

Brewed Coffee Recipe:

16:1 Water to Coffee Ratio

Example: 30 grams of Coffee and 480 grams of nearly boiling water.

Espresso recipe recommendation:

2.5:1 ratio of beverage mass to coffee


20 grams espresso to 50 grams total beverage mass with 25 seconds of brew time.

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